Netflix for babies?

Not too long ago, during a rare moment of 21st Century internet connection, I discovered something that Thalia absolutely loves. It came in the form of a programme on Netflix called ‘Little Baby Bum’ – it doesn’t get any better, sorry. Essentially it’s a series made up of 30 minute themed episodes of songs for babies and toddlers…complete with terrible, terrible graphics, and the most irritating singing voice you’ve ever heard.

Now, I’m not in the habit of sitting Thalia down to watch television; admittedly this is mostly due to having little desire myself to watch french TV, and as previously mentioned, we rarely have the internet needed for a Netflix binge. Thalia is also only 6 months old, and I’m therefore hoping to postpone her journey towards technology addiction for a while yet. However, on this particular day my energy levels, and therefore baby entertaining abilities, were almost at zero…what could be the harm in testing the waters with a little baby-tainment? Well she loved it. I have never seen her so entranced by anything. She spent the entire half hour episode completely fixated, bouncing, smiling, and almost (we’re not quite there yet) laughing.

You might wonder how and why this could be a problem, but as you may have noticed from previous blog posts of mine, I suffer severely from mum guilt. So watching her little face light up I thought, how can I possibly deny this cherub of some occasional screen time? Whilst my mum guilt monster was cursing me for not trying harder to entertain Thalia in a more hands on way. I know, I know, I know that I sound ridiculous, we all need to entertain our babies in a more disconnected way sometimes. Just to save our sanity! On the other hand, you may be judging me for even testing the waters with ‘baby tv’.

Honestly I couldn’t tell you which camp I reside in when it comes to the screen time argument. The earth mother within me wants to keep her entertained by all things non-technology for as long as humanly possible, minus the occasional Harry Potter marathon – very important for establishing her English roots. On the other hand, the tired and regular mumma within me craves half an hour of peace whilst being able to watch Thalia entertained by something other than myself and my non-stop nursery rhyme renditions.

Waiting with open arms and eyes to read all about your opinions on this topic! Am I a terrible mother for letting Thalia watch a television programme at 6 months old? Or is it just one of those things we’ve got to do sometimes to give ourselves a break?! I think I know which side I’m swaying towards…

4 réflexions sur “Netflix for babies?

  1. Keira parents have a responsibility to help their children experience and learn as many new things as possible. There is nothing wrong with the occasional bit of screen time, for Thalia to learn new things and for mummy to get to be Keira and not just mummy all the time. A half hour here and there will not hurt xx

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