Nights away with a baby

Over the past month we have spent a lot of time sleeping away from the house. Be that for a weekend away, a night with François’ Grandma, or staying with my parents for a week.

When we started spending time away I was a bit worried – and obviously riddled with mum guilt – that she would be uncomfortable with her new surroundings and have a horrible night.

But it seems that as long as she has her trusty white noise machine and a boob or two before bed she will happily sleep anywhere – as seen in the photo for this post. It took no time at all for her to get used to sleeping in her travel cot either, much less time than it took for me to get used to setting the damn thing up anyway. But really, this particular baby gadget has been a total life saver.

The most important thing taken from these nights away is that we made a fabulous decision when we decided to buy our family wagon…

Oh. My. Goodness. Do babies have a lot of stuff?! We never use everything and could probably get away with packing 1/5 of what we do…but we bought a Picasso for a reason, and it wasn’t for style, so why not utilise every square inch of it?! On top of this, babies are very unpredictable. Maybe she wees on one sleepsuit, is sick on another, and for this reason we need at least three sleepsuits per night spent away. Maybe a bit extreme, but best to be prepared when I can be. A lesson that motherhood has taught me all too well. Although with current plans underway to spend 4 months in Asia next year (more on this soon!), I’ve calculated that we will need to pack at least 360 sleepsuits. Obviously I won’t be doing this, but all jokes aside, thank goodness that laundry services out there are so quick and convenient. This was obviously the most appealing factor when deciding where to travel with a (will be) 10 month old laundry monster.

If you are a fellow mumma reading this post, my main piece of advice is to get a white noise machine. They’re the best invention since baguettes (immersing myself in French culture). They cover up any noises that have the potential to wake baby up, meaning you don’t have to factor disturbing sounds into account when planning a trip, nor will you have to ask your lovely hosts to keep the noise down!

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