Joining team dummy…

Following a huge amount of advice regarding the use of a dummy (thank you mummas!!), we left it down to Thalia to decide. And as though she knew that the topic had been up for debate, she spent the following week viciously attacking her hands with her hoover mouth to get to sleep.

I have to give Thalia some credit for self soothing. She spent a lot of time selecting the best finger to use as a dummy – I watched her carefully test each finger’s chew-ability when it was time for a nap, before settling for a thumb in the mouth and a finger up each nostril. This ended in tears and a lot of mum guilt when she poked herself in the eye doing this in a moving car.

After posing the question to all of you fellow mums, I also heard that dummies reduce the risk of SIDS, something that I hadn’t discovered during my endless google searches and baby research whilst pregnant. Likely because I was so set on not having one that I missed that important nugget of info…I have to say that this definitely gave me that final push towards the pro dummy camp.

We almost made it to 4 months, and honestly I don’t think that she needs one, but her naps are now longer and she falls asleep without a huge fuss if she’s overtired. A lot of the time she just smiles at me and spits it out, but that’s cool too… until it lands on the floor, and me trying to be all mummish, sucks it before giving it to her and ends up with a mouth full of cat hair. Not so cool. But better me than her I suppose. Oh the selflessness of being a mum.

I’m suffering with a pang of guilt every time we give it to her (even though it’s only for sleeping), and also a little annoyance and regret that I gave in. But that’s just me. It’s the same when I give in to that extra night feed that I know she doesn’t need, but wants so much…and I’ll never say no to an extra cuddle.

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