To dummy or not to dummy

François and I have been debating over the use of a dummy. When I say debating, what I mean is that François is happy to give Thalia a dummy whilst I am not, and therefore it has been discussed no further. Just the occasional sarcastic comment from Francois that ‘no, no, she doesn’t need a dummy, she can just suck her bottom lip like that and blame you forever when she’s buck toothed…’, whilst giving me his best Bugs Bunny impression.

Whilst pregnant I was 100% set on making do without one, and because of this Thalia has turned to her hand, her lip, our arms, our clothes, or anything else she can get her mouth close to when she wants a bit of comfort to get to sleep. Which, admittedly, is only sometimes…

Vampire baby.

We’ve managed to get past the tiny baby habit of eating to get to sleep…now it’s just a part of her bedtime routine. As long as she’s had the boobs in the bedroom before I put her in the cot she will quite happily drift off unassisted. Winner winner.

However there are times when, without prior warning, she gets herself completely overtired – generally in the day – and fights sleep like nothing I’ve ever seen before. These are the times when I would give into a dummy…but because we haven’t bought any, and because we live in a different country to the nearest supermarket, I can’t. Though once I’ve won the fight and she’s asleep I’m happy that we’ve survived another day dummy free. I get the same feeling, with a little less accomplishment, when I fight my vegetarian urges to eat a massive greasy burger. Or a sausage roll. Or mums chicken paella. Or a turkey roast dinner. Oh France, where are your fake meat substitutes when I’m in need?!

I feel like as a team, Thalia and I are stronger than dummies – which is maybe totally delusional but I like to see the best in everyone… and to be completely honest, I do think that dummies are an absolute life saver. I just can’t bear the thought of having to ‘wean’ her off of it at some point with stories about the dummy fairy or some other fairy tale creature which she has yet to discover a love for. Mums with dummies, I salute your effort and commitment to become dummy free.

What it all really comes down to is that I don’t want to give in. Originally I may have considered using a dummy. But now that she’s 3 months old and without, we’ve had a few people ask why she doesn’t have one…and having my dummy-less decision questioned makes me even more determined to not give in. Admittedly this is likely more for my own slightly selfish reasons than for Thalia’ s benefit…poor baby.

There’s a comment box below (after ALL of the ads, these will be gone soon 🤞), pretty please feel free to leave me with any opinions/tips regarding surviving without a dummy. Also feel free to let me know if you think I’m a total loon and should buy an everlasting collection of them immediately.

2 réflexions sur “To dummy or not to dummy

  1. I love reading your blogs, you do make me laugh, and take me back to those days. All I can add is that as a child I sucked my finger and thumb, yes ! at the same time. Which resulted in a bent finger ( still) and a large cavernous indentation in the roof of my mouth. So when my two were little I was determined they wouldn’t suck Their thumbs or fingers, so dummies it was.
    There are down sides though, Zoe would be forever losing hers in the night and wake up crying for it, and so to prevent this we gave Brad two, one in his mouth and one in his hand. I soon discovered that wasn’t working either as he soon lost two, three or more through the bars on the cot!
    I can say that taking them away wasn’t as bad as you imagine it’s going to be, but does take a bit of back bone and elaborate story telling ( lies & blackmail)

    There is no right way, just your way!
    X x

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    1. Thanks Nic!
      Wow. That’s a massive effect from thumb sucking! I will definitely bear that in mind.
      😂 I’ll come to you for tips on lies and blackmailing if we go to the dummy camp xxx


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